Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't worry be happy!

Every Monday and Friday I go to "physical" therapy.  It is really a kind of therapeutic booster of sorts for my immune system.  Sometimes I get a vitamin IV.  Sometimes I get a massage.  Sometimes we do breathing exercises.  I know, I know sounds all kinda granola, hippy, wellness kind of stuff but it really works for me in helping keep my immune system in check.  I have had problems with my immune system after getting a bad case of mono a few years back that triggered an illness from childhood but that is a whole other story.  So back to this one.  My therapist's name is Nancy.

Nancy is this fun, loving, always happy woman.  I mean always happy.  People tell me I am happy all the time and always smiling but Nancy is way beyond me.  You have to remember that is rains 6 months of the year here in Portland.  Most of the fall and winter it is gray, gloomy, foggy, and rainy with a chill in the air.  So I walk into Nancy's office on Friday for my appointment and she is all happy.  After my session from hell Miss Bubbly is still all smiles.  As I am going to leave I asked her how the hell are you so darn happy all the time.  She said "Who can have a bad day when one of the first things I do is dance with Noah to a happy song?".  I said "What???".  She said her mama would wake them up singing songs and would dance with them in the mornings.  She said she does the same with her son Noah.  They hit play on the iPod and dance first thing everyday.  Her mama told her that who could be sad when your able to get up every morning and dance.  I had heard this once before from the Crazy Sexy Cancer lady Kris Carr.

So I gave it a try.  For the last three days I have gotten up and danced.  Saturday was Katy Perry's California Girls.  Sunday was The Beatles' Penny Lane.  Monday was Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes.  Guess what!  It works!  And it is even more fun if you get other people involved.  I was staying at some friend's house on Sunday morning and I got the group to do it with me.  It was super fun.  By the time the song was over we were all laughing and then we did another one.

So if you have had one of those crap crazy kind of days or weeks.  Start waking up with a happy dance.  It will cure what ails ya!!

Note: I will not be posting a picture of me dancing in my PJs with my hair on top of my head and my glasses on with a crazy silly smile on my face so just insert image here.

Happy Rainy Monday to ya!


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