Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you catch crazy?!?!

Well I don't rightly know if you can catch crazy or if just comes naturally from your own kin but either way it is spreadin' like a house on fire at our place.  Everyone that knows me knows that my crazy I come by the ole fashion is in my genes.  Case in point see Exhibit A.

My wonderful family (aunt, cousin, mother...names withheld to protect the innocent)
But I am starting to think that crazy is spreading in my house.  I think I might have given it to my cats.  See Exhibit B.  

 Bea sleeping in the dirty clothes hamper
My cat Bea has some crazy obsession with sleeping in the dirty clothes hamper that is in my master closet.  The weird thing is that this hamper has three sections.  She only sleeps in the section that has towels in it.  If there are no towels...she does not sleep in the hamper.  What!  Why?!?  I have watched her jump on top, look inside, not see what she likes and walk away.  Freak!  Maybe a little CRAZY! 

My other cat Paws, he has got a little crazy going on himself.  Paws has a talking problem.  He does not just sit and meow.  Noooo...he has to walk around the condo meowing at the top of his lungs.  I have no clue who the heck he is calling.  Bea and I are sitting right here on the couch.  He sees us yet walks on by meowing.  What!  Why?!?  Oh and he has a sink issue.  He is freak crazy for drinking out of the bathroom sink.  I know that is not that uncommon.  Oh wait...Paws will go in there and meow until you come turn on the water.  Dude is in there 3 or 4 times a day.  See Exhibit C.

Ahhh, water
Did I make the crazy worse by coming to Portland.  There are bumper stickers all over town that says "Keep Portland Weird".  Is it...could it fault?!? 

Wait! I have an idea!  Wait for it!  I have an out.  It is not my fault.  I have not given my cats the crazy.  Paws is Bea's son.  He inherited it from her.  It is Bea's fault.  Crazy mama, crazy son.  Yep, that is what I am going runs it the family!!!  Sorry Paws, you were destined to be a little loopy! 

So spread some crazy today!

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  1. Sunya!

    I can further support your theory that the Crazy runs in the kitty family!!

    Bandit and Bonkers are BOTH known to wander through the house, meowing at the top of their kitty-lungs! And BOTH are obsessed with towels.

    They often combine both of their obsessions by "killing" towels (dish towels, hand towels): dragging them across the floor while meowing (yes...while holding the towels in their mouths)..."MOWWWWW....MOWWWW...MOWWWWW!"

    Now...the kitty from another kitty family, Calleigh, has not once ever done either of these things.

    Crazy runs in the Bea family. Bonkers and Bandit are just as crazy as their Mama and Brother Paws. :) :) :)

    Luckily they have us to love them! :)

    p.s. I had to invest in a running water fountain for pets because Bandit and Bonkers were constantly in the sinks drinking out of the faucets!